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Local Takeaway Amigos Chorley ‘Smashing’ The Competition

Written by Donna Jones

Local food joint Amigos Chorley has been stirring up quite a fuss with local foodies raving about the popular takeaway.

Located on Steeley street in the centre of Chorley, they have been rising the ranks in the eyes of loyal customers.

Originally opening in the height of the pandemic back in 2020, they have been creating their unbelievably good food, with many commenting on the success of their succulent smash burger and flavoursome sizzlers, even receiving many compliments such as being “the best takeaway by an absolute mile”  

Credit: Chorley Foodie Hub

Owner, Dee, has previously worked with food, however his heart was always at Amigos.

Hearing about the place previously, he had his eye on the shop and a desire to bring it to its full potential. When the previous owners were looking to sell, Dee snapped at the chance and hit the ground running with his new business venture and hasn’t looked back since.  

The secret to their ever-booming success is their use of locally sourced ingredients, incredible expertise and their many homemade specialties. From their chicken donner right through to their rice and flavourful sauces, they have earned their reputation by creating homemade, where others will buy in.

They even have 3 incredibly popular box deals available to provide Chorley food lovers with high quality food at generous prices, helping people treat themselves and eat out in these difficult times with many bills being on the rise.  

But its not just the food that has people talking, owner Dee and his staff have received many compliments for their wonderful service, with comments on their friendliness, genuineness, and welcoming atmosphere when you enter the shop.

Its not often a takeaway can offer such high quality, homemade food as well as providing a level of service you would expect from a dine in restaurant, but Amigos have managed just that.

This approach to their much-loved takeaway has earned them their well-deserved success, with a plethora of positive comments and reviews in the local Chorley Foodie Group and on their social media pages.

Many Amigos fans have backed the takeaway with strong loyalty, claiming they “rarely go anywhere else”

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