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People Told To Avoid Fishergate After Man Climbs Onto Building

Written by John Nicoll

Preston Police have closed off an area of Fishergate after a man decided to climb onto the roof of a building and refused to come down.

According to a social media post from Preston Police, officers attended the site on Fishergate shortly before 7pm in an attempt to remove the man from the top of the building.

He allegedly climbed onto the building an hour earlier and was refusing to come down.

Police asked for people to avoid the Fishergate area with observers posting their concerns on social media.

Hayley Richardson said: “Hope the person gets the help they need but the sad state of the mental health services they’ll be lucky to get an appointment for this time next & that’ll just be full of false hope & false promises.”

Helen Molloy said: “Heartbreaking that some people feel they have no other choice ?. Hope he comes down safely and gets the help needed ?

Nicola Dyer offered a heartwarming story of the man: “My son gave him the peace side from inside the church and he gave him the peace sign back and a big thumbs up. My son thinks he’s spider man and wants him to come down so he can meet him. Seems like a nice guy.”

Preston Police promised to update their followers later in the evening.