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Popular Lytham Restaurant Fino Tapas Set To Close From Tomorrow

Written by John Nicoll

A popular Lancashire restaurant looks set to close it’s doors in Lytham after a year of trading.

Fino Tapas, headed by entrepreneur Mark O’Rourke, will be closing its doors in Lytham following a decline in sales and footfall since the start of 2022.

O’Rourke’s Fino Tapas brand has successful restaurants in Preston and Blackpool, but his Lytham branch will close from tomorrow (Sunday 14th August).

Speaking exclusively to Blog Preston, O’Rourke said: “It’s a case of seeing declining sales in Lytham and increased sales at other sites, making it harder to continue to operate there.

“Gas and electric alone is £5,000 a month and then there’s rent, rates and staffing costs, meaning ultimately it has to make a certain amount each month and if it doesn’t it doesn’t work.”

“I’m not too sure; it may be that more people are on holiday this year and with cost of living going for days out less.

“The weather hasn’t really been great and its a very weather dependant area.”

There are rumours that O’Rourke looks set to open a Fino Tapas restaurant in Chester, and hopes to relocate his existing Lytham staff into Preston, Blackpool or Chester.