Lancashire chippies at risk of closing in next 12 months

Written by Abbey Donoghue

Labour fears over 830 of the 2,500 chippies across the North West are at risk of closing down in the next 12 months due to a constant rise in inflation and supply costs.

Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary MP, Jim McMahon warned of the risk after visiting fish and chip businesses across Lancashire.

Mr McMahon said: “The Conservative cost of living crisis is threatening one of Britain’s favourite meals, fish and chips, and hardworking family-run chippies across the country. We are witnessing the potential decline of a true British institution and an affordable, much-loved family meal.

‘’Labour would support British chippies by scrapping and replacing business rates with a fairer system.’’

Andrew Crook, President of the National Federation of Fish Friers said: “Our iconic fish and chip industry is facing its biggest threat in its 162-year history with soaring ingredient costs, high energy bills and staff shortages.”