Leigh Film Society to open its cinema doors to the community

Written by Abbey Donoghue

Leigh Film Factory will open later in August with a new cinema built on a green ethos.

Leigh Film Society will open the cinema in Spinners Mill in Leigh, a grade II-listed landmark building.

The community volunteers at Leigh Film Society built the cinema from recycled materials to abide by their green ethos.

The seats inside the cinema are repurposed IMAX seats from the London Science Museum after it underwent a refurbishment.

A lot of the wood used for the bar and the ticket office are made from pre-loved floorboards.

The water used inside the venue is taken from a local well and the lighting throughout are donated industrial lights too.

Leigh Film Society’s Development Director, Elizabeth Costello said the film society wanted to be able to offer high-end movies to people living in the Wigan area.

She said: “People don’t have to go to Manchester or Liverpool, they can come to Leigh and see high-end films.

“We want to put on events like autism-friendly showings and Scandi film nights for the true film buffs.

“We want to make sure that cinema is for everyone.”

The not-for-profit society was founded in 2013 and has worked towards creating Leigh Film Factory, which is estimated to cost around £50,000.

The Development Director added: “Getting funding for what we do at a grassroots level is hard.

“We needed to get some money in the bank ASAP so we created a campaign inviting people to support the building of the cinema by paying £100 to forever have their name on the cinema seat.

“We’ve always been able to push our boundaries and never been afraid to try something new.”

The community volunteers aim to fight social isolation in the elderly members of Wigan and also provide a “foot on the ladder” into the film industry for young people.

The third aim is to support social cohesion by reusing film to highlight social issues, national campaigns and creating a platform for good causes locally.