Concerns £400 energy bills discount will not reach some tenants

Written by Abbey Donoghue

Millions of households across Great Britain will receive non-repayable discounts on their energy bills this winter, however those who pay rent with bills included might struggle to receive the support.

The £400 discount, administered by energy suppliers, will be paid to consumers over 6 months with payments starting from October 2022, to ensure households receive financial support throughout the winter months.

Those with a domestic electricity meter point paying for their energy via standard credit, payment card and direct debit will receive an automatic deduction to their bills over the 6 month period – totalling £400.

Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “People across the country are understandably worried about the global rise in energy costs, and the pressure this is placing on everyday bills.

“While no government can control gas prices, we have a responsibility to step in where we can and this significant £400 discount on energy bills we’re providing will go some way to help millions of families over the colder months.”

However, housing charity, Shelter, are highlighting to the country that those who have their energy bills included in their rent or service charge cannot directly claim the energy discount.

Instead, the discount will go to the landlord, where they are not legally obligated to pass on the support.

Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Shelter has said: “Landlords can only charge for energy used, the standing charge and VAT. So, it’s worth making a note of how much energy you’re using to make sure you’re not paying more than you should.

“It is unfair that those at the very sharp end of this crisis could miss out on this much-needed support.

“The government is looking into this as they’ve acknowledged it’s not right. We urge them to make sure this support goes straight to the people who need it the most, not their landlords.”

Visit the Shelter website for advise.