Inquest Into Death Of Preston Woman Confirms She Took Her Own Life

Written by Louise Pratt

The 41 year old Preston woman was found dead in her home in February this year.

Coroners confirmed that Orlana Goodchild had sadly taken her own life in her home in Ribbleton.

Coroner Chris Long read the reports from medical and police at the inquest in Fulwood.

He detailed that Orlana was found by her husband Frederick, after she had gone to bed early leaving himself and their children downstairs.

The family had been downstairs watching films and eating snacks.

Orlana was found behind the bedroom door by her husband, who attempted to resuscitate her, paramedics soon arrived and Orlana was pronounced dead.

The court was told her cause of death was due to asphyxiation by hanging. No suicide note was left.

Orlana had been referred to mental health services in November of last year, the trust said there had been an assessment but following attempts to contact Orlana she had been discharged from the service.

Toxicology reports indicated that she had alcohol in her system and had taken antidepressant medication however neither substance had caused her death.

Mr Long read out the details from her husband’s statement, detailing difficult events in her childhood that possibly contributed to the deterioration of her mental health.

She had previously threatened to take her life and had self harmed, most recently around 4 or 5 weeks prior to her death. But her husband had stressed that he saw “nothing out of the ordinary”  the night she died.