Top 5 Places To Get a Butter Pie In Preston

preston butter pie
Written by John Nicoll

To celebrate National Pie Day in Preston, I’ll be taking a look at the best places to get the regional delicacy that is the butter pie.

The iconic dish has a history as rich as it’s filling in Lancashire, it was originally called the “Catholic Pie”.

The Butter Pie was invented by Catholics who didn’t eat meat on Fridays for religious reasons.

Since then the simple savoury treat has become a staple part of the half time snack at Preston North End.

5. PAC Lunches

Starting us off is PAC Lunches on Blackbull Lane in Fulwood. Opening in 2007 it is relatively new compared to the rest of the list but that doesn’t take anything away from the quality and affordability of their Butter Pies. With the ingredients sourced locally, It is a good standard to kick-off the list.

4. Round & Sons

Based on Ribbleton Lane, Rounds has a long history in Preston and a good reputation. The Butter Pie does not disappoint and it could have been higher on the list were it not for strong competition.

3. Berry’s Bakery

Good quality, affordable and very popular in the local community. Situated on New Hall Lane, Berry’s Butter Pies were a strong contender for the top spot, excellent golden pastry and they do not skimp on the filling.

2. Pennington’s

Pennington’s are a bakery & sandwich shop based in Walton Le Dale in Preston.

A full meal served with mash and gravy rather than a snack, you will be going home satisfied after an “Alreet Cha” that’s sizeable and packed out with filling. If that’s not enough, you can have a draught pint with your pie and they occasionally have bands playing at night.

1. Dean’s Bakery

Anyone who has grown up in Preston will know all about Dean’s. Based on Blackpool Road, Dean’s has been delighting Preston families for many years and has always been amazing quality for a cheap price. There was no other spot on the list for Dean’s. The quality of the Butter Pies just does not compare, plenty of rich filling in an excellent pastry.