Owner Reunited With Missing Dog After Being Found On Train In Wigan

Written by Louise Pratt

A dog owner has been reunited with her dog in Wigan after being separated from her beloved pet after falling ill in London.

Kat Conway had suffered a suspected heart attack, and was rushed to hospital for treatment.

She was not allowed to take her shih tzu, Jessie with her in the ambulance, instead having to leave her with a stranger.

When Kat was released from hospital, she was unable to find the man who had taken her dog and ultimately had to leave, returning to her home in Paisley, Scotland.

A social media campaign was launched to help find Jessie, with image being spread across the internet to try and find her.

This proved to be a success, when a member of staff at Avanti West Coast recognised the dog on a train near Wigan.

Karen Harding, from DogsLost North London, said on Facebook: “On behalf of the admin team we are delighted to announce that Jessie is safe and well and will be reunited with Kat Conway tomorrow.

“She was spotted on a train with the man that took her on the day Kat was taken unwell by a train guard who called British transport police who met the train at the station and seized her back and made a call to our team to confirm her as stolen.

“Kat will be picking her up with the police in the morning and we maybe know further details then.

“The most important thing is that she is safe and they can be together once more.

“Thank you to everyone who has worked behind the scenes, and for every share that has lead to her being recognised and returned.”

Kat, 50, told MyLondon: “I got a phone call on Friday to tell me that they had found her, but it was too late to go and get her so I had to go on Saturday morning and get a train to Wigan.”

When Kat reunited with her dog at a Wigan vets, she found Jessie to be in good health.

“It is absolutely unbelievable,” she said, “everyone has been brilliant.”

he said she was “absolutely delighted” and praised everyone that “made a miracle happen” by helping to find Jessie.