Dad Sends Picture Of Murdered Bolton Teen In Coffin To Teen’s Mum

Written by Donna Jones

The dad of murdered Bolton teen Reece Tansey sent a picture to the teens mum of him holding the boys hand in his coffin.

Ian Nice waged a campaign of abuse at his former partner and mother of the murdered Bolton teen. Following the death of Reece, Ian yelled abuse at Laura Tansey, poured corrosive substances over her car, and changed his profile picture to a photo of her naked.

At Bolton Magistrates’ Court 45-year-old Nice admitted to the abuse he had given Laura. Magistrates court saw his crimes to be too serious, sending him to the Crown Court to be sentenced.

He will appear at Bolton Crown Court on 20th July to receive his sentence.

Nice, of Holcombe Crescent, Kearsley, wept in the dock as Jane Miller, defending, stated: “This is a nuclear fall-out between Mr Nice and Laura Tansey.”

“The offences were committed against a tragic background,” Richard Blackburn, prosecuting, told magistrates.

“Their son Reece was murdered in 2021 and the defendant, at some time, has laid blame for that on the complainant, his former partner.”

Reece was murdered by 16 year old James White, who had stabbed him to death. James was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in jail. His accomplice Mark Nuttall, aged 15, was sentenced to 6 years after being found guilty of manslaughter.

The three teens had met in the middle of the night for a fight following an argument over social media.

On January 10th this year, Nice had come across Ms Tansey in the Morrisons cafe in Bolton.

Nice approached Tansey and her friend, shouting that she had been the one who “killed our Reece”.

“It caused her particular distress on hearing that,” said Mr Blackburn. “The incident was overheard by a security guard who intervened and the defendant left.”

The next day Ms Tansey had driven to see a friend and parked her car on Parkfield Road. She left to find her car covered in a whist substance that dissolved the Corsa’s paint. This caused around £2000 of damage to the vehicle.

CCTV showed Nice nearby. “He said it was an act of stupidity and he had not meant to cause any damage,” said Mr Blackburn.

He then changed his Whatsapp profile picture to a naked picture of her, which she had sent to him previously.

“She received a message from the defendant and was very distressed at finding that this intimate photograph had found its way onto that platform,” said Mr Blackburn

“All contacts in his phone could have seen this image. The defendant said he had done this as he was not thinking right.

“He also admitted that he had sent the victim a picture of him holding their deceased son’s hand whilst he was in a coffin, via WhatsApp, that the complainant had not asked to see this photograph and that she would have found this photograph distressing.”

The court heard that Nice has previous convictions including for assault in 2019 when he was sent to prison for 15 weeks and robbery in 2006 when he was jailed for 21 months.

Since his arrest in January Nice has been subject to a curfew which prevented him working his job in traffic management.

Magistrates agreed to lift the curfew prior to his sentencing after hearing that there have been no further incidents. However a GPS tag will remain to prevent him going near Ms Tansey’s home.