Wigan Athletic Player Graeme Shinnie Opens Up About ‘Unsettling’ Period

Written by Louise Pratt

Graeme Shinnie has opened up about his experience joining Wigan Athletic midway through the campaign.

The 30 year old midfielder switched from Derby to Wigan Athletic during the January transfer window.

Derby, still in administration, were powerless to prevent Wigan taking one of their key players earlier this year.

The two teams have both now changed division, with latics regaining their championship status, and Rams now in League One.

Shinnie has acknowledged the difficult series of events that lead to his transfer to Wigan.

“It was hard at the time,” he told the Daily Record. “I love Derby and had great relationships with the manager, staff and fans.

“And the move happened so quickly. My wife and kids moved back to Scotland and it was unsettling.

“On the Friday, I was told about the transfer. By Sunday I was having my medical and on Monday I trained with Wigan.

“The club needed it financially. And, for me, it was hard to turn down a long-term contract.

“I didn’t want to leave, I’m a fighter and I’d have loved to stay on.

“But Derby got rid of me and others which probably kept them going until the end of the season.

“It was a mad situation – but that’s life. There are people going through harder times than me.

“I’ve always been a resilient person anyway.

“But the last couple of years have definitely made me stronger because I’ve got life experience that I didn’t have before.

“And if it happens in the future I’ll know I can deal with it.”