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What Makes A Great Tutor?

Written by John Nicoll

Successful tutors are able to bring the best out of their students throughout their learning journey. It takes a huge amount of patience, dedication, commitment and hard work to help pupils progress in the right direction. But, what is it that makes a great tutor?

Compassion and Patience

These are two very important traits every great tutor will possess. Showing patience and compassion towards a student not only helps them feel more confident, but it lets them work at their own pace. These are key to helping the student feel more relaxed and comfortable whilst learning. It also helps the tutor build a great relationship with the student which can have an incredibly positive impact on their learning.

Build Confidence

A great tutor helps to build the confidence of the student in a positive manner. Understanding the way the individual pupil learns is a great way to help boost their confidence and ensure their learning abilities are improving. When a student feels confident, it shows in their work. They not only become more involved, they participate more within classes and exercises.

Positive Attitude

The most successful tutors are great at encouraging pupils with a positive attitude. This helps to raise the confidence of the pupil and also gives them a positive feel of the class and what they are learning. A positive tutor shows support through the ups and downs of the pupils’ journey, helping them stay motivated and focussed.

Provides Efficient Feedback

Efficient and constructive feedback is what helps individuals grow and continue to improve. Giving feedback is a skill which all the great tutors possess. They are able to point out areas where the pupil can improve with examples and solutions, without being discouraging. Without feedback, the pupil will find it hard to progress – which is why it is an important part of lessons.

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