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Keep Sane During Assignment Season

Written by John Nicoll

Assignment season is one of the busiest and most challenging times for students. Without preparation, it can feel overwhelming and challenging, but there are many ways you can help prepare yourself for this time of the academic year.

If you’re looking for some ideas to help you stay sane, take a look at our top tips to make revising and assignments that little bit easier.

Create a Timetable

One of the best ways to get organised is creating a timetable for each day. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to keep you on track without getting flustered or overwhelmed.  This is incredibly useful for the different assignments you have, as you can prioritise your time on those subjects that you find more difficult.

By giving yourself equal amounts of time for each, you are not prioritising one assignment over another. This will help you will feel confident in succeeding each assignment come deadline day. To keep you sane, definitely invest time in creating a timetable.

Prepare For Your Assignments

Everybody is different when it comes to preparing for assignments or exams. Whether you prefer studying at home in an office, in your room with music in the background, or spending the day at the library, it’s important to find an environment you are comfortable in to help you prepare for your day of academic work.

If you get easily distracted, ensure you’re in a quiet space, turn off your phone and log out of all social media sites to keep your focus on your assignments.

Take a Break

Taking a break is so important when it comes to your studies. While it may feel like you are doing the right thing by working for hours without having proper breaks, it has actually been proven that it is much more effective to take regular breaks to allow you to reset and give your brain a rest.

Find what works best for you. You can choose to have an occasional day, afternoon or morning off to help refresh your mind and keep your energy levels at a high.

We hope you all do amazing well in your assignments.

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