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How to Save Money Whilst Moving Home

Written by John Nicoll

Moving home is an incredibly exciting time, but without great planning, it can be a stressful experience; something you can easily avoid. It can also be an expensive challenge, however there are plenty of ways you can save money whilst moving home.

Take a look at some great tips and ways you can keep your costs down and leave you a little extra for your new home.

Always Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a vital aspect of helping you move home hassle free and helps you to keep on top of your finances. By planning ahead, you can calculate costings and see where you can save a few pounds.

It also ensures you aren’t paying for any last minute expenses for things you may have forgotten. If you do your best to plan and book things in the months and weeks leading up to the move, you’ll almost definitely save yourself a few bob – and stress.


Throughout the years, we all find ourselves hoarding items we haven’t used for a long time. But no matter how long we haven’t used it for, we always tell ourselves we will use it one day. Moving to a new house is the perfect time to declutter and rid of all the belongings you no longer need.

Decluttering can be great for our mental health, and it also saves your effort, time, and money.

DIY Where Possible

Do things yourself is a fantastic way for you to save money. If you can hire a van and complete the removals’ job yourself, it is something to consider as it can save you a considerable amount of money. You can also keep on top of the removal process and keep on top of all your belongings.

You may find that as far as the amount of time it takes, the difference may be minimal. If you have the capability and help needed, try and do the removing yourself.

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