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I’m Renovating My Bathroom; Where Should I Start?

Written by John Nicoll

With most of us staying at home for the next few weeks, it’s likely that you will start looking around your house to see if there’s any improvements to be made.

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or boiler, you’re bound to notice something that you’re not happy with.

If you’re starting with your bathroom or kitchen, however, ESP Bathrooms can help. Here’s a helpful guide of where to start if you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom.

Organising The Practicalities

Before anything else, it’s important to consider the extent of your bathroom renovation. How much space you have will dictate what you can do and if there are any limitations. For example, do you have enough space for a free-standing bath or a double shower?

It’s also incredibly important to have a design outlined in your head. Are you looking to add a lick of paint and some new tiles or are you looking for an entirely new bathroom with a new washbasin, shower and toilet? Most people change their bathrooms every 5-10 years, so don’t forget that you need to think about longevity.

Planning Your Style

After looking into the practicalities of your new bathroom, it’s time to consider the style and décor of your renovation. Are you looking for a classy traditional style or a modern design? Or somewhere in between?

Once you have a theme, consider some of the individual products that will add to your bathroom’s ambience. If you’re opting for a modern design, take a look at the SunShower. Integrating wellness into your daily ritual, the SunShower helps you to feel good and enjoy the sun’s radiation on a daily basis whilst taking a shower.

Once you have a plan and a budget, next you need to coordinate the project and consult a designer. Our expert designers at ESP Bathrooms can take an idea and create your dream bathroom with perfect ease.

Our designers specialise in creating a bespoke feeling to your bathroom, having helped hundreds of other families with their dream home. If you would like to find out more about our products and services – simply get in touch with our friendly team today and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.