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Enhance Your Kitchen’s Storage Space

Written by John Nicoll

Your kitchen is one of the most common spaces within your home, and one of the messiest. Not only does your kitchen keep you busy, it’s also filled with a host of kitchen appliances, gadgets, essentials, and more, which can easily clutter the room.

Why not reinvent your kitchen storage space to get the most out of it. Take a look at some easy and effective storage ideas.

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Add a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are incredibly popular within households, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they can create so much more space within your kitchen. There are a variety of different types, styles, designs and colours of kitchen islands available, so you can easily find the right one for you and your home.

Kitchen islands are also a great way for you and your family to socialise, cook and relax.

Sliding Doors

A simple and effective way of creating extra kitchen space is installing sliding doors on your cabinets. Having cabinet doors that open take up a lot of space, and if you have a smaller kitchen, you find you have to manoeuvre around them. With sliding doors, it’s much easier to move around your kitchen, easily and stress-free. 


A bookshelf is the perfect addition to your kitchen to not only save space, but also helping to keep it organised and tidy. You can also keep your favourite cooking books and recipes stacked close by so they are on hand for when you want to recreate your favourite foods.

Pull-Out Pantry

A great way to use your kitchen space efficiently is investing in a pull-out pantry. This is fantastic for storing all your cooking essentials, such as spices, oils and other seasoning ingredients. Not only does it keep your kitchen looking tidy, it also ensures your foods are easily accessible.

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