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5 Things Kids Should Know By the Age Of 10

Written by John Nicoll

As children get older, their skills and knowledge develop helping them to become more independent. But, what 5 things should kids know by the age of 10?

It’s important to keep teaching and challenging them every day, helping them to understand basic skills in life; from educational to practical life skills.

Basic Household Chores

By age 10, children should be able to understand and perform basic household chores; these include making the bed, helping with washing their clothes, and keeping a fresh, clean home. Teaching our children basic housekeeping skills at a younger age helps them to understand the importance of keeping a healthy home.

Write a Letter

With grammar knowledge, children should be able to write a letter by the age of 10. This type of written communication includes the correct layout of a formal letter; which includes the date, greeting, main body, closing and signature.

Great Manners

Polite manners are an important trait to have in life, and children should be able to exhibit these from a young age. By the age of 10, they understand when to use the correct manners with kindness, including; ‘please, thank you, and may I’.

How to Use a Calendar

Understanding how to tell the time is imperative in life. Using a clock and a calendar is the core of time management, something we use throughout our everyday life. Planning our days, from work commitments, activities, events and more helps us get organised – making life much easier.

Basic First Aid

In case of an emergency, they should be able to stay calm and have knowledge on essential first aid skills that will help them in these situations. These include; treating bleeding cuts and wounds by applying pressure and putting a plaster or bandage on, pinching nostrils in cases of nosebleeds, running burns under cold water, putting ice on swollen injuries, and knowing when to call 999 in case of serious emergencies.

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