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Authentic Italian Restaurant Excited To Re-open After Lockdown Closure

Written by John Nicoll

After being forced to close its doors during the lockdown, Pane E Vino is excited to be able to welcome customers into their restaurant once again.

The restaurant, which is situated on 7 Priory Lane in Penwortham, offers true and authentic Italian cuisine with a wide range of delicious food options.

Irene, Manager of Pane E Vino, explains how tough the lockdown restrictions have been for the restaurant which opened in the midst of the pandemic:

“The lockdown was tough for us. We opened the place on the 12th of October, so we were only able to open for three and a half weeks. Also being a young company, we found it difficult to move forward. We tried takeaways but obviously, it wasn’t enough so yes, we are more than happy to be back to ‘normal’.

“I was also the chef at the former Slice of Sicily and many were already my loyal customers and I feel lucky because I have so many lovely people who have always been there, even in the most difficult times to support us, publicise us and spread the word about our opening.
So yes, seeing customers sitting at our tables again and seeing them leave satisfied is priceless.”

Pane E Vino puts a strong emphasis on offering true Italian cuisine which will delight the palates of customers:

“Ours is intended to be a true and authentic Italian cuisine. We offer classic traditional Italian dishes, to dishes reinvented or reworked by our chefs. We have a Lunch menu available from 12.00 to 17.00 that includes more classic Italian dishes and our a la carte menu, available all day, with more elaborate and delicious dishes.

“Our intention is to transmit to our customers the pleasure of good food and good wine. Directing them to rediscover true Italian flavours that until now have been somewhat distorted or not made authentic. We aim for quality of product and service, we have trained chefs with over 30 years of experience and waiters with the same knowledge.”

The restaurant has a £6 Pasta or Pizza brunch offer between 12-5pm which is an ideal treat for a light lunch with friends.

They aim to please and are happy to take requests to best satisfy the customers needs:

“We range from one dish to another, we cook everything and more like meat, fish, pasta, pizza, desserts. What we have to offer is all different and all to be discovered. Even a classic carbonara will taste different in our restaurant.

“We are therefore also ready to satisfy customer requests, where it is possible for us to advise and why not, perhaps create something on the spot to satisfy the palate.”

Why not check out more of what Pane E Vino has to offer on their Facebook page here. You can also get Pane E Vino delivered straight to your home on Just Eat here.