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Runshaw College Students Host Online Festival To Support Derian House 

Written by John Nicoll

The students raised £475 for Derian House by putting on an online festival featuring live performances from local musicians.

Rhys Rothwell, Hannah Robinson and Antonia Sharples organised the Runshaw Festival as part of an assignment for their business course at college.

Antonia explains how happy they were with how well the festival went and how they dealt with any issues that come with hosting a live event:

“I found organizing the event was not too hard as everything was in the same place through Facebook. I knew all of the acts personally through the
entertainment scene throughout Chorley and the surrounding areas so it was easy to find volunteers who wanted to do something as there are still restrictions due to covid.

“The only thing I was worried about was people being late for their set or not turning up to it, however, we found ways around this issue. Overall, I was happy with the event as everyone has a good night and it was a huge success as we raised £475 for Derian House and it was great to see that people supported it so much by both watching the event and donating.”

The students were very happy seeing how much was raised, they only set out with an original fundraising target of £50:

“I originally set the target for £50 as I didn’t think the event would be as
much of a success as it was, and to see that we made £475, in the end, made
me feel great that we made that much money for a great charity.

“The reason I chose Derian House was that it is a local charity to me which I felt needed supporting especially during the pandemic. Also, Neil Hailwood organised Chorfest last year which was used as a fundraiser for Derian House and I performed on that, so it made me want to help the charity even more.”

You can still donate here to help the Runshaw students raise as much as possible for Derian House.